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I’m doing an online book/bible study through Proverbs 31 with Lysa TerKeurst’s What Happens When Women Say Yes to God and this is my blog hop day.   

My “Yes To God” story should be about how wonderful it is to follow him into unknown territories and all the great things ahead. 

But what about when you follow him there and it doesn’t turn out so well?  

That’s my Yes to God story.

I am the seed that got plucked out of the seed packet as Lysa TerKeurst mentions in her teachings for her book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.  I have gotten shoved down into the muddy, icky soil where it feels very dark.  And living in Perfect Isle as I do (#downwithperfectisle)……things need to be in control, they should NOT be muddy or dirty, and plans should execute properly.  What happens when you think you are following God, and it turns into something that appears to be a failure?  Well….it’s quite confounding to a Perfect Islander.

Loads of questions start flooding your mind.  Was I really listening to God?  Did I get myself here out of free will, and now I have to stay to “reap what I sowed”?  Even if it was a bad decision, and I wasn’t saying “Yes to God”…..will he still help me?

I’ve spent too much time in Perfect Isle analyzing the “why” I am where I am.  It’s exhausting really.  Do you know what I am talking about? 

So my “Yes to God” commitment is to start believing, I mean really believing, that I am exactly where God wants me to be.  Every moment of every day is exactly what it is supposed be.    

There is nothing to analyze.  There is nothing to beat myself up about. 

I have immigrated to Oopsland.  This is a part of the Oopsland culture.  To rest for a moment, in where I am at.  To believe the everyday, mundane activities are exactly where God needs me in this moment.  To rest in the Lord and the fact that he can find me no matter where I have landed.  And that maybe, just maybe, I really am exactly where he needs me to be for whatever comes next.

How do I put my Yes to God into action this week?

As I walk through my day….I am literally repeating to myself, “This is exactly as it should be”.  “This is OK”.  As I lay down to sleep and a billion tasks that did not get finished are flowing through my head, I reassure myself “I am doing exactly what I need to be doing right now.  I am taking care of myself and resting”.  “Everything is as it should be, I am saying Yes to God”.

I have a note by my door.  Every day as I switch off the light and lock the door, I touch the note and say “Lord, Today I CHOOSE you”. 

It’s a daily choice for some.  A moment by moment choice for me to keep reminding me there is a way out of Perfect Isle.

How are you reconciling your Perfect Isle thoughts about a perceived failure?  How are you implementing your immigration to Oopsland and saying Yes to God?


  1. I am trying to take that step into Oopsland and allowing God to use my imperfections in a way only He knows how to. I am going to have to remember this as the week goes on that it isn’t always a bad thing to leave Perfect Isle and to step into Oopsland. Thank you for this today.

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    • Amen Kailey! Take the leap as often as you can get away — a few minutes in Oopsland always helps my day. Will be praying for you.

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  2. Oh my mercy! Love, love, love your post! Know what I love best? You have an ACTION plan. Not a thought plan, not a maybe plan but a YES plan that you are putting in to action! And the note by the door- amazing idea! How awesome to have a visual to remind you that TODAY you are choosing to follow Him! What a great way to keep that thought in your mind, soul and heart!! Blessings!

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    • Thanks Beth! I am a “doer” with too many action plans LOL But in this case it has helped me implement. I’ve already reminded myself at least 10 times this morning alone.

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  3. Beautifull. I love how you make saying YES a daily choice. It’s truly a daily surrender but also a deep, profound joy to completely serve and walk in our love relationship with our Heavenly Father. Be blessed!

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    • So true Christa about the joy! I crave that joy because it’s so wonderful. Which makes saying Yes To God easier :)

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  4. I really enjoyed your post. I definitely analyze everything, and worry over to-do lists that aren’t done. I am trying to start living in the moment and really appreciating all God has given me.

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    • Thanks Ann! It has really been calming me down at night to remind myself that I am doing exactly what God wants me to do in this moment. It has allowed me to get several nights of sleep. Hopefully that will continue!

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  5. I seriously loved reading your blog. I know how it feels to be knocked out of that seed packet and into the muck I have been in Oopsland for awhile now! I’m learning. I’m a work in progress.

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    • Yay Heather! Praise God that out of our dark days in the mud…new life grows!

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  6. Bobbie, I absolutely LOVE this post. As I fly off to speak at an event today, I am going to keep your words tucked deep in my heart and repeat them every time tries to plant a seed of doubt in my mind! You are gifted with words, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing from your heart today.



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    • Ah Wendy – thank you!! That means a whole lot. Much love!

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