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Would you love to be a respected volunteer or employee or spouse? Would you love to be free to make decisions and not be micromanaged?

It’s what I’ve always wanted.

Trust/Respect/Confidence in me/Power of decision making

How does that relate to Topic #1 for this week’s blog hop?  #empowered

Most of my career path has been spent in very large organizations with lots of processes and levels of management.  For the last 3 years I have been heavily involved an organizational change movement to EMPOWER the employees.

You see, a common problem in large organizations is that people stop thinking.  They get used to someone else making the decisions and just giving them work.  They become reliant on their manager or authority figure to guide them and tell them what to do.  This also relieves them of responsibility.  If it goes wrong…..then it wasn’t their fault.   They were just doing what they were told.

I think all of us have had an authority figure in our lives who did not “empower” us, but rather overpowered us.

The org change movement I reference above is the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the P31 Online Bible Study topic #empowered.  YES!  I know all about that topic.  I know all about empowerment.

Then God pulled back the curtain.  (cue dramatic music)

Yes – I am an empowered employee.

But what about in my Christianity?  And specifically in my cravings?

This bible study on Made to Crave by Lisa Terkeurst is bringing awareness to my cravings, to what they mean, and how to redirect them so I crave God.

I am thinking a lot about my health, food, activity levels and time with God.

If we apply my workplace definition of empowerment listed above….to my relationship with God… looks something like this:

God empowers me:

  1. Trust:  God trusts me to make wise decisions about my health and food and body.  He doesn’t tell me exactly what to eat, when to eat it, and what way to eat it.  He trusts me to take care of this vessel.
  2. Respect:  God respects my decisions and pathways….he doesn’t butt in. He believes that I am an intelligent individual and can make wise decisions.
  3. Micromanaged:  God does not micromanage me.  He does not ask me the who, what, when, where, and why on every one of my decisions.
  4. Confidence in me:  God clearly has given me freedom to make my own decisions and live my life.  He has confidence in me to make the right decisions.  He believes I will be wise.
  5. Power over my decisions:  God will allow me to lead myself if I want.  He doesn’t interrupt and tell me I’m making a bad decision.  He doesn’t give me “that look”.

How am I measuring up to God’s trust, respect and empowerment?

Not very good.  Daily I am making very bad decisions around my health.  Almost moment by moment.

When I think about the corporate world where I empower my employees…..and how frustrated I am when someone I am trying to empower responds in their old habits… recently I gave someone a project, and the project needed some meetings to gain alignment prior to the task work being done.  This person I trusted to complete the project start to finish……. actually looked at me and said “I don’t schedule meetings.  That’s not my job”.  An empowered employee does whatever needs to be done to finish the whole project start to end.  WOW.

This is the curtain God pulled back for me tonight.  I’m really responding wrongly to the areas of my life he has empowered me in.  It makes me so repentant to God and the Holy Spirit.  They are trying to hand me the keys to the kingdom, the keys to my life…….and I am not responding adequately at all.  I’ve got all kinds of old habits/thought patterns that are keeping me from following through on my health and my cravings.  Ugh.  I now have a new perspective that is burning within me to live up to the trust, respect and power that God has entrusted me with.  #empowered

How about you?  Does this make sense?  It’s a totally different way of thinking about empowerment in Christianity.  But I think it’s worth pondering.













  1. Billie, I loved your blog today — I never thought about how God does NOT micromanage us like an awful, overbearing supervisor. He allows us to make the choice to go our own way. I, too, am repentant and want to be obedient to Him and not to self. Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom with us today!!

    In His love,
    Pat (OBS Blog Hop Team)

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    • Thanks Pat! Yes……Sometimes I wished God would micromanage me just cuz it seems easier LOL But I know being an empowered Christian is the way to go. Glad we are on this journey together

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  2. This is an amazing post with great perspective. Absolutely make sense and I plan on sharing this with my friends who are doing this study and not blog hopping. I keep saying our bodies are God’s temples but they have hears that too many times to sink in. My husband was discussing this idea with me today about some of his employees. He now has a “civilian job” and has “average employees” but he was a captain in the Marine Corps. He was saying that if he asks a fellow worker to do something they may do the bare minimum just to get the job done. However when he would ask a marine to do something, that marine knows and respects my husband and does the job very well. Does the way I take care of my body show respect to my God who designed it? Or am I just doing the minimum that I feel like should satisfy?

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    • Exactly Lauren! I had heard the “temple” analogy too many times. It just wasn’t motivating me anymore. But to think God empowers me like I try to empower my employees…..and then I respond average……ugh. It really broke my heart.
      Glad it hit home – feel free to share with anyone….it’s God’s analogy :)

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  3. We are empowered to take care of our body as it is God’s temple. Great perspective on living up to God’s expectations of taking care of ourselves. Thank you for sharing. Natalie (OBS Blog Team)

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    • Thanks Natalie – it has been a great kick off for me to this study. Looking forward to more!

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