Beware the Shoulds

Beware the Shoulds

Should is a word honed from Perfect Isle

The residents of Oopsland quite revile

A should would,

If a should could,

Leave you in a heap and a pile


Shoulds are crafty,

They know where it’s drafty.

They sneak and they slither,

Telling you to come hither,

Until they work you into, a Perfect Isle tither.


Then you are spent,

All crooked and bent.

The Shoulds smile,

You’ve run a mile

With nothing to show for the day came and went.


You want to dance and play

But the Shoulds come and have their way.

Overwhelmed and cast down,

You wear a frown,

No happiness for you today.


More, more the Shoulds cry,

Until we are beaten dry.

More, more and we sigh,

I don’t know why we even try.


We can’t get off this unending train,

The life of the Should is such a pain.

Up and down,

round and round

I’m about to go insane.


The Should’s battle is always won,

Our work is never done.

Day and night,

Night and day,

There is no rest under the sun.


Should be up,

Should be down,

Don’t do that…you’ll look like a clown.


Why put up a fight?

You know you can’t do anything right.


In our day, they are everywhere.

Try to get rid of them, you should dare.

Watch your words, stop- stop.

Watch your thoughts, pop-pop.

Eliminating Shoulds is a worthy goal.

I promise it will save your soul.


Get angry, get mad

This word is really bad!

It might not have skin and bone

But it has a life all its own

People use it without thinking

And it leaves the world sad and stinking.


Yes the Shoulds will have their say,

No chance to get out of their way.

Up and down

Round and Round

Shhh…don’t make a sound.


Give in to the Should.

Pull down your hood,

The night is near,

Lots to fear

Tomorrow the Shoulds will be right here.


Oopsland is where we are free.

To try, to live, to be.

Just as we were created,

Learning, failing, celebrated.


Release, Release,

Come to our senses

Bring up our defenses

The Shoulds are coming

Yes, keep running.


We know a new path

That is far from their wrath.

It’s Oopsland we see

We no longer have to flee.


Oopsland our new home,

No longer having to roam.


Far from the land of the Shoulds

Who would if they could

Take away our hope

But we won’t let them, nope.





  1. I love, love, love “Beware the Shoulds”!!! It “should” (lol) be published! I put it in my favorites. Have you taken this to the next level?

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    • Thanks Pam! I have not taken it to the next level yet……but I am looking into ways to get it published :) I’m open to ideas.

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